Office Cleaning Perth – Why It’s so Important

Office cleaning is a relatively simple system. A cleaning company comes in to your office, clean it and then they’re done. The cleanliness of your office is all they will be concerned with, and that’s a good thing because it allows them to focus and do their job well.


Office cleaning companies are important because a clean office allows employees to work better. Nobody likes working in a dirty office, where things are unorganized and difficult to find. Not only is this frustrating but it also makes work a long time to finish.


The Cost of Office Cleaning in Perth


I know you’re hoping to find that I can give you an exact amount, but the truth is the cost of office cleaning in Perth depends on several factors. What I can do is tell you what these factors are so you’ll have an idea of how much you’ll be paying for office cleaning.


Area size – The bigger the area is, the more expensive it will be to have it cleaned. If you’re not sure how big your office is in terms of square footage, measure the length and width of the room using a tape measure. Multiply the length with the width to find the room’s square footage.


For rooms with irregular shapes, multiply the bottom height and then divide this by two.


Kind of Tasks – Determine the kinds of tasks that needs to be done in your office. The most basic tasks include vacuuming, window washing, dusting, washing the walls and wiping down the office furniture.


Schedule – How often do you need office cleaning done? The average rate for office cleaning once a week is around $150 to $300 for the basic services. Some companies also offer flat charges but they sometimes charge as much as 50 cents per square foot.


Need an Actual Number for Office Cleaning in Perth


If you need to have an actual number, you can ask cleaning companies for a quotation. Most companies will be happy to give you one, but keep in mind that having all the information they need will help them give you the price quotation.


The information you will need includes the size of the area, how often you’ll need to have the office cleaned and what type of services you will be needing. 


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