The Best Western Australia Holiday Destinations

You may have been planning to go on a vacation for the longest time, but still has not decided on where to go. Personally, vacations are important for me. It’s a time to relax and forget about work, and it only happens rarely.

Because of this, we have to plan our vacation carefully. The place we visit should be worth it, and a really great destination is Western Australia.
Here are the best Western Australia Holiday Destinations:

Perth – Perth has a lot to offer. It’s known for its surfing culture, white beaches and fishing. If you love the water, Perth will be a great destination for you. 

Rottnest Island – Rottnest Island is one of the most visited Western Australia Holiday Destinations. Not only does this place has beaches and beautiful islands to offer, it also has very beautiful underwater attractions that simply amazes tourists. Rottnest Island is also home to different wildlife including the Quokka, a unique marsupial.

Margaret River – Located about three hours from Perth, Margaret River is another surfing spot, but that’s not all this place has to offer. This place is one of the country’s chief wine regions, so be prepared to taste some of the finest wines here. Margaret River also has thick forests waiting for bushwalkers to explore as well as natural attractions such as caves.

Top Western Australia Holiday Destinations For Kids 

Western Australia Maritime Museum – Located in Fremantle, the Western Australia Maritime Museum is a must visit for the whole family. The museum houses some of the earliest shipwrecks and a real submarine, which is simply amazing. Also called “Freo” by the locals, the Western Australia Maritime Museum is also the departure point for ferries leaving for Rottnest Island.

National Parks – If you’re looking for national parks to visit as your travel Western Australia, we have two – the Karijini National Park and the Millstream Chichester National Park. These have deep gorges, waterfalls and pools to offer.

Western Australia Holiday Destinations – Need More Ideas? 

If you still can’t decide on where to go, there’s more:

The Argyle Diamond Mine – A must visit. Take a tour of the world’s biggest Argyle diamond mine.

Ironbark Brewery – If beer is more your thing, this is a must visit. The Ironbark Brewery is a boutique microbrewery that produces a unique range of beers and ales.


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