Perth Tile Removal – What is Tile Removal?

Perth Tile Removal

Tile removal is done for a couple of reasons. The most common is to prepare the floor for a new covering, be it new tiles again or a completely different floor covering.

While tile removal can be done DIY style, I suggest hiring an expert to do it for you instead. This way, you are sure that the tile removal process will be properly done, meaning all of the debris will be removed without damaging the actual floor underneath.

Perth Tile Removal Tools

There are different tools used in tile removal. These include dust mask to protect your face and nose from the dust; flat-edge shovel; floor scraper, also known as bully tool; hammer; masonry chisel; safety goggles; sledge hammer and boxes or wheelbarrow.

You see, while tile removal can be done, it’s hard for some people because of all these tools required. If you only have to do tile removal one time, then it might be better to hire someone to do it for you rather than invest in all these tools that you’d only use one time.

Perth Tile Removal – Need it?

If you need tile removal in Perth, there are a couple of Perth tile removal companies to help you out. Before deciding on a company though, I suggest doing these to help you save:

Ask for a price quote – Asking for price quotes from different people allows you to have an idea exactly how much you have to pay for their service, as well as which company gives you the best deal.

Cheap isn’t necessarily good – There are several Perth tile removal companies, and they can all give you a great deal. However, don’t settle for a company just because they’re giving you the cheapest price quote. You also have to consider their performance. How good are they at what they do, and will they deliver what they promised? How about hidden charges?

Review the contract – Some Perth tile removal companies will have you sign a contract, so be sure that you review all clauses before signing it. Your contract should state exactly how much the Perth tile removal company expects you to pay and exactly what you’re going to get for it.  It should also state how long the tile removal will be done and when the company should be able to complete it.


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